Best Clothing manufacturers for Startups

Clothing manufacturers

Top 10 Clothing manufacturers for Startups

Are you looking to start a clothing brand and wondering how to launch a clothing line – look no further. At Hula Global, we have provided all the resources that uncover the art of how to start a clothing company. In fact, two out of five of our core programs are geared towards helping first time entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting a clothing line. 

If you are confused on, how do you make a clothing brand or confused on how to start apparel line, our company founder, and Managing Director Karan Bose has written a book – How to Start a clothing Brand, available on Amazon.

Our quick launch program enables first-time founders to start with very minimal inventory whereas our accelerator program is geared towards creators and solo-founders who are looking to build a formidable clothing brand that stays true to their personality and resonates well with their audience.

Getting the right manufacturer for your clothing line is a critical step and that’s why we have put together a list of clothing manufacturers that should help you in evaluating different suppliers and evaluate a good fit.

Here is a list of best clothing manufacturers for startups:

#1 Hula Global

This one is an obvious one. We take pride in our active support in fashion startup ecosystem. We have a very active accelerator program for fashion startups and our quick launch supports entrepreneurs looking to get started with small MOQs.

Pros: You don’t have to run around. Hula Global is a full package supplier – from design to product development, manufacturing and logistics – Hula Global’s team of professionals can take care of everything.

Con: Full package suppliers tend to be higher on the pricing part compared to a-la-carte service providers

#2 Pietra Studio

While not exactly a manufacturer, Pietra studio sourcing, fulfilment, sales and marketing in one-platform. Pietra studio can give you access 

We have a detail comparison of Pietra vs Hula Global here.

#3 Fashinza

Fashinza is the closest competitor to Hula Global and several services offered by Fashinza overlaps with Hula Global. There are several other alternatives to Fashinza that you could also explore here on top 10 alternatives to Fashinza. We have also done a comparison of Fashinza vs Hula Global here

#4 Hook and Eye UK

If you are a startup looking for small MQO manufacturer from UK, Hook and Eye presents a very interesting option. If you are looking for a detailed list of top 10 clothing manufacturer in the UK, this post could be informative

#5 110% ig

It is a unique German manufacturer that manufacturers all types of clothing and can even do small MOQs however you have to provide the fabrics. If you are based in Europe, want quality products and with small MOQs, 110% is an interesting option. We have made a list of other German manufacturers here.

#6 Apparel Production NY

It is one of the apparel manufacturers, starting its operations in 1947. It is known to work with fine fabrics. If you are looking for clothing manufacturers in nyc, this could be a good supplier to start with. We have also compiled a list of top 10 clothing suppliers in New York City

#7 Hawthorn International

Based in Paris, Hawthorn International is one of the oldest clothing suppliers in Europe and it caters to brands with small MOQs starting from 50 pcs per design. If you are looking for a list of clothing manufacturers from France, this list would be helpful.

#8 Trend SRL

If you are a fashion startup in luxury space, then Trend SRL from offers Italy offers very unique set of services. We have put together an additional list of top 10 suppliers from Milan here.

#9 Los Angeles Apparel

If you are based in the US and you have a good budget, we definitely recommend checking out Los Angeles Apparels. This company was founded by Dov Charney, founder of American Apparel. If you are looking for other American clothing suppliers, particularly based in Los Angeles, we have put together a list of top 10 clothing manufacturers in Los Angeles here.

#10 New York Fashion Lab

NY fashion lab is situated right in the middle of the garment district of NYC. They offer a full service clothing manufacturing services and also help you in creating the collection for your clothing line. If you are looking for clothing manufacturers for startups in the US, you should definitely check them out. We have also compiled a list of top 10 clothing suppliers from NYC here.

We hope this list along with all the other reference links to detailed region-specific list of clothing manufacturers were helpful. There is also a FAQ section specifically for quick launch program FAQ and accelerator program FAQ that you should definitely check out.

If you would like to know What questions should you ask a manufacturer, this blog post could be useful.

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