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Private Label
Our private label program focusses on exclusive product development for your products. One of the most critical aspects of the fashion supply chain is product development. Most early stage fashion brands ignore the importance of product development.hose who have been in the industry for a long time, know the importance of product development and that’s why we at Hula Global pay very special attention to product development. If you have more questions about Private Label, please visit our FAQ page on Private Label.


Designing - this involves creating design from initial mood boards and style references and transforming those designs into a technical specification document (tech pack) that could be understood by a broader range of stakeholders including your suppliers. Compare our development charges.


Sampling - this involves creating initial samples, size sets and final samples. There are different kinds of sampling depending upon your brand's objective. If you are just starting a brand under quick launch program, then you should be good to go with only an initial proto-sample. However if you are an existing brand going for our standard manufacturing program and you want to ensure that the fitting goes correctly - then size-sets are super important part of sampling process.

Material Options

Material options - Depending upon your product category, we will create multiple combinations of products and provide different fabric swatches as reference for you to figure out. This could even be different types of prints or even different GSM of the same material

Packaging and labeling options

Most brands ignore this step but if you are looking to create a great brand recall, you must work on packaging and label and ensure that your brand stands out. Packaging and an unique unboxing experience can not only make your brand stand out but also foster a strong brand loyalty.