Hula Global


Quick Launch

Our quick launch program is designed to present a healthy startups who are looking for clothing manufacturers with low MOQs

While, it is not the best solution for every fashion brand but definitely something that can get you started.

However, Quick Launch program also comes with it’s own disadvantages, so as a fashion brand owner, you are advised to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of Quick Launch Program carefully.



Our accelerator program is designed to support creators and solo-entrepreneurs to start a fashion brand from scratch.

As a creator, we want you to focus only on creating awesome content and spend more time building your community instead of trying to do the heavy lifting of running around and fixing every little minute issue that could potentially derail your brand.

Our team works as your extended team so that you focus on what is most important for your brand – your customer. We take care of the rest.

Compare our accelerator plans If you have more questions about our accelerator, please visit our FAQ page on accelerator


Private Label

Our private label program focusses on exclusive product development for your products.

One of the most critical aspects of the fashion supply chain is product development.

Most early stage fashion brands ignore the importance of product development. Those who have been in the industry for a long time, know the importance of product development and that’s why we at Hula Global pay a very special attention to product development.


Our Manufacturing

Our manufacturing program is designed for existing brands who are exploring alternatives to their current suppliers. There could be a variety of reasons for exploring new suppliers.

We have a small post on 7 Reasons Why Clothing Brands Need to Diversify Suppliers.


Our Liquidation

Our liquidation program is designed for discount retailers and stockists who are looking for excess stock, liquidation, surplus deals. These deals are pennies on dollars, mostly when a brand defaults on the payment.

These deals are opportunistic in nature and they are advertised as and when there is an availability.