Hula Global

Our Liquidation
Our liquidation program is designed for discount retailers who are exploring alternatives to their current suppliers. There could be a variety of reasons for exploring new suppliers. We have a small post on Why Fashion brands need a liquidation plan and what is the right way to go about it. If you have more questions about our Liquidation, please visit our FAQ page on Generals

How Hula Global’s liquidation process different from other suppliers

Brand Liquidation

We offer this program only in the United States and India and for a very few select brands from the UK. Our UK program is still under pilot for this year.

This is purely a cash & Carry model.
The objective of the liquidation program is to convert the inventory to cash ASAP so that the brands can further invest in the winners instead of sitting on a pile of inventory.

Factory Liquidation

Our factory liquidation program is geared towards dollar stores, discount retailers and importers who are looking for ready stock from fresh production.
Most of the inventory offered under factory liquidation program is a result of a brand defaulting on payments or cancelled orders and these opportunities are generated on ad-hoc basis.
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