Hula Global

Quick Launch
Our quick launch program is designed for startups who are looking for clothing manufacturers with low MOQs. We understand that we may not always be the right choice for startups because of our minimums, so we have open sourced our vendor network. After evaluating the feasibility and getting you ready for supplier, we broadcast your inquiry to over vetted 8800+ suppliers. The total program fees for quick launch program is $1500 USD (or equivalent) split in three stages of US$500 each

How does the Quick Launch process work for a startup clothing brand?


Under feasibility stage, you provide the following information
1. Reference images & designs
2. Corresponding quantities per style
3. Total number of styles

Based on the initial inputs you provide, our team will provide the quotation. You can sign up for evaluating your feasibility here.

Ready for quotation

We will prepare your quotation to be broadcast to a broad range of verified suppliers in our network.

We will manage the entire quotation and screening of suppliers and shortlist relevant suppliers for you based on your quotation. The fees for ready-for-quotation is $500

Payment Assurance

Under the quick launch program, our team doesn't actively manages the production or negotiations. We put you in touch with the supplier and the entire management of production, negotiation and discussion is between you and the supplier.

However, we can come in as a go-between to oversee payments based on the milestones. Instead of making payment directly to the supplier, you can make the payment to us as escrow and we release the payments after certain milestones are ready (for example - purchase of raw materials). This cost for payment assurance is $500

Quality Checks & Dispatch

If would like to us to conduct quality inspection and manage the dispatch, then you can avail this service.

It is important to note - we are not going to be actively managing the production, so the accountability of the quality would be entire on the supplier you choose.

Under the quick launch program, we broadcast your requirements to a broad range of suppliers who are vetted as authentic supplier. But even authentic suppliers can do a terrible job if not overseen properly and that's why, most brands prefer our private label program over quick launch program.