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Quick Launch
Our quick launch program is designed to present a healthy alternative to the time consuming search for small quantity products - not the best solution for every fashion brand but definitely something that can get you started. However, Quick Launch program also comes with it's own disadvantages, so as a fashion brand owner, you are advised to evaluate all the advantages and disadvantages of Quick Launch Program carefully. If you have more questions about our quick launch, please visit our FAQ page on Quick Launch

What is the Quick Launch process for a clothing brand?


Under feasibility stage, you provide reference images & designs and include quantities per style and total style. Based on the initial inputs you provide, our team will provide the quotation.


You will receive tentative pricing based on the first step during feasibility. Based on this initial pricing, (which is still tentative) you can decide to either stop or proceed with the samples.


If you go ahead with the quotations in the above step - you can ask for samples by paying for sample charges and courier costs. Sampling time can vary from product to product so we advice that you consult your account manager for sample timelines before placing the order for samples.


If the samples are up to your expectations then you approve and you can place your order by making the payment online. Under quick launch program, you do not receive size sets. If your goal is to get the fitting right, having different fabric options & swatches and evaluate different packaging options, then it is advisable that you evaluate our product development plans