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Our Services

As a fashion clothing vendor for D2C fashion ecommerce brands, we provide services across the entire apparel value chain starting from Research & Design to final production and Quality control. We understand that each client is at a different stage of their procurement needs and we customise our offerings for each client according to their needs.

research & design


Our research and design team consists of highly skilled fashion designers who keep tabs on rapidly evolving fashion trends through research, sourcing, and feedback from our existing customers. If you have a design idea and you would like to develop your own collection, our in-house designers can turn your design ideas into fascinating collections including the creation of tech packs, standardizing sizes, and creating product standards in a way which are consistent with core consumer persona.

developement & sampling


If you already have the tech-packs, sizes, and design, you can directly work with our sample and product development team to develop your styles in real garments. Our sample development team not only creates the desired options required by you but will also give you additional options you could consider for your designs.



Our merchandise team consists of industry professionals with deep knowledge of every specific product. Once a client gets onboarded, they are assigned a Key accounts team with a senior merchandiser as a Single Point Of Contact. This team creates a very clear plan in terms of Day 1 to date of dispatch and keeps you posted on timelines during production, coordinates every little detail that goes into the production of garments including the trims, labels, prints, etc.

quality control Image

Quality Control 

Our Quality Control department ensures very stringent quality is met at every stage of production from starting (inline inspection) to the midline and final inspection. Our quality team has the reputation of being very strict in terms of quality parameters.