Hula Global

Production Capacity

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800,000 pcs
Whether it is t shirts for women or t shirts for men, all types are available on the website having their own specifications and a unique t shirt design
Long Top
500,000 pcs
To get your perfect one piece dress for the evening, a lot of ready-to-use dresses for girls are there on the site. Have a look and grab yours from the dresses for women section.
300,000 pcs
Get trousers at the best price on Hula Global. Trousers for men, trousers for women or any to try a new trouser design, visit us to have a look at all and pick one.
Denim Jeans
200,000 pcs
From skinny denim jeans, wide-leg jeans, to regular fit, shop here for various types of denim jeans for girls and find exporters and manufacturers for denim jeans.
1,00,000 pcs
Coveralls are important for body protection, right? Visit Ultra Biomedical to get the safety coveralls with hood and show covers and stay protected!.
500,000 pcs
For safety purposes, get the best quality surgical gowns at Ultra Biomedical
500,000 pcs
A large number of varieties are there in the shirt category on our website. To have a look at your own choices, you can go through the sections in shirts for men and shirts for girls or women there
800,000 pcs
If you are looking for best-fit tops, there are many varieties Hula Global provides to get you all kinds of stylish tops for girls. From tank tops, casuals, party wear tops to any other type, pick any one of them for yourself.
500,000 pcs
Buy your favorite shorts for women in a variety of fabrics. Jeans shorts for women denim, casual shorts, kids shorts, all the sizes are available on the page.
Denim Jackets
300,000 pcs
Jean jackets, often known as denim jackets, have always been popular. Whether it is denim jackets for men or denim jackets for women, visit us to know more and have a look at them all to pick yours.
500,000 pcs
Explore all the latest collections in the skirts section to shop for your favorite ones. Get you trending short or long skirts for women at the best price possible here.
500,000 pcs
A large number of collections for school uniforms, college uniforms, and workwear are available. Go through all of them on Ultra Uniforms and buy yours.