Hula Global

Adrian, EU

Brand owner, Menswear

During my initial conversation, I was put off by their high MOQs and most importantly I was surprised by how Hula carefully selects the brand it works with. In fact for the initial two years since our launch, we remained in touch but never worked. However, during those initial two years, I was extremely disappointed with the suppliers I was working with, either because of the quality of products or the delays or many other “last minute issues” – even though I achieved low MOQs but my entire inventory was sitting at my home.

I decided to re-start our conversation with Hula again and I was pleasantly surprised how fast the team moved when I showed my commitment. If you are just exploring without any financial commitment, their team is going to respond in a similar way but once you are aligned with them and give them your commitment – the team really moves very fast.

I wished I had started with them earlier instead of wasting my two years. If you are just starting your fashion brand, don’t waste your time experimenting with suppliers. Work with a supplier who is a subject matter expert and has done this rodeo before.

Natalie, Australia

Womenswear Brand owner

I wished I had started with Hula long before. The anxiety of keeping inventory was putting me away until I decided to give my brand 100% and start working with Hula. The team is very upfront about costs and they actually give you a breakdown of why certain things cost a certain amount – no BS.

I wasted a lot of time with dropship suppliers and did the entire back-and-forth with Ali express suppliers for an entire year until I realized that the product these suppliers are giving me – they are giving to other creators as well and there is nothing unique about what they are offering me.

I wanted my audience to connect with me and have a unique brand recall with my products and that’s why I needed a factory – and that’s exactly what Hula offers.

Finally after 3 years – and a lot of failed experiments – luckily I did hold on to my full time job and I saved enough, so I decided to go full-in with the Hula team and I cannot thank the team for making my dream come true.

Elina, USA

Hula is literally my extended team. Before Hula, I was running around doing everything by myself and yet struggling to get the basics done right. I was literally pulling off my hair. It was exhausting and super frustrating.

With Hula – I don’t have to think about the basic things.  I give them the idea board, reference designs and a broad idea on price points and quantities – their team does the rest. They do the entire research – they have subscriptions to tools and  databases which I would find expensive to subscribe to at an individual level.  Their team not only executes an entire sampling plan from scratch, but they create a merchandising plan based on my budget and what is going to be trending. What is mind-boggling is that their team even takes care of the unsold inventory at the end of season.

This leaves me with enough time to think about strategic issues instead of trying to do mundane tasks. As a solo-founder running a fashion brand , Hula is the partner you need.