Hula Global

Our Manufacturing
Our manufacturing program is designed for existing brands who are exploring alternatives to their current suppliers. There could be a variety of reasons for exploring new suppliers. We have a small post on 7 Reasons Why Clothing Brands Need to Diversify Suppliers .If you have more questions about our Manufacturing, please visit our FAQ page on Manufacturing.

How is Hula Global’s manufacturing process different from other suppliers

Product Development

We have very strong product development capabilities and if your brand is part of the manufacturing program, you will receive all our product development services included in the program. In fact you can get the product development charges adjusted to your final invoice essentially bringing the product development cost to zero. If you are interested to learn what is part of product development, please read our FAQ section specific to product development

A/B Testing

Our A/B testing functionality is provided to all our key accounts participating in the manufacturing plan. This means beyond your current collection, if you are not sure about which styles will work and which won’t, and you want to take the guesswork out of your process, we enable you to test out new designs with small quantities so that you can constantly find emerging winners.


All brands enrolled under the manufacturing program are eligible for the Hula Global Assurance program at discounted prices. Additionally if you are an e-Commerce brand, we have a very specific program that ensures 100% defect free products that reduces your returns due to product defect. Please contact us to learn more.


By default, we provide the option for door-to-door delivery and DDP pricing to all the key accounts under the manufacturing program. This eliminates the need of having an in-house team to coordinate shipping and logistics. We take guess-work out from the equation so that you focus only on your customer needs while we take care of everything else.