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Glam Brands

Glam Brands is a fashion e-commerce aggregator / roll up that acquires independent Fashion Brands on Shopify & Amazon and fix them for a Profit.
Glam Brands uses its expertise in supply chain to bring the COGS down by 50% from Day 1 post. 


Bose Foundation

Bose Foundation is a registered  non-profit organization dedicated to supporting women & migrant workers working in fashion & apparel sector by skilling them to earn a respectable livelihood

Bose foundation
Tulip digital

Tulip Digital

A digital agency that aligns its success in its client’s success. Tulip Digital specializes in digital marketing with a focus on performance marketing across Google, Facebook and Amazon Advertising formats. Tulip’s core competency is e-commerce across Shopify and Amazon platforms

School uniform

Ultra Uniforms

Uniforms is a leading uniform manufacturer in India that provides uniforms for Schools, Hotels, Industrials, hospitals, and Security Forces.



Ecogram is a D2C sustainable women’s wear fashion brand launched in the US with exclusive collaboration with Amazon USA