Why Us

We see ourselves as a pioneer in implementing Industry 4.0 at scale within fashion and apparel manufacturing industry. Our core strength is ethical sourcing, digital supply chain and enhancing shareholder wealth. We are bring transformation and visibility in the apparel supply chain which has majorly been operating in a very old-fashioned manner

ethical sourcing


We operate under best practices of Ethical and fair trade in terms of health, safety and wages. We follow the highest international standards and make sure that those standards are not only followed at our main facility but also at our partner factories

enhance shareholder


We provide end-to-end digital platform for sourcing and tracking of each PO by style. With our digital platform, it will not be a game of guessing and following up on the status of your order. You can view and monitor progress as and when you want

digital supply


We prefer to work directly with founders and shareholders and work towards enhancing their shareholder wealth by making savings in their procurement and supply chain



Send us your query here or send us an email to hello@hulaglobal.com