Hula Global

our story

We have come a long way since 2013. Our founder, Karan’s destiny with fashion started in 2013 when he started working with Uniqlo in their Tokyo headquarters.

Karan pitches the idea of launching Uniqlo in India 2014 which did not had many takers within the Fast-retailing board of directors. Taking things in his hands, Karan decided to move back to India and start a fashion brand.

After running the brand for a year, Karan realized that basic support functions for smoothly running a fashion brand was almost non-existent at the time.

Karan decides to build Trifuku which later gets rebranded as Hula Global in 2018 and further consolidates other brands. 

Success is not a straight line and our journey since 2013 to 2020 was full of ups and down. Add Covid to the mix and we had a super challenging situation.

Today, the group not only has Hula Global but also Glam-brands (for minority investments) and Pepper-fund for majority investments.