Hula Global


Hula Global is a clothing supplier. If you are a fashion brand owner, you are not likely to manufacture the clothes you retail in-house. And that’s where clothing suppliers like Hula Global come in.
We are a full package supplier with a network of 34 factories in India and Bangladesh. We have in-house team for design, development, manufacturing and even managing logistics to provide door-to-door service. Hula Global differs from its peers in many ways. We recommend that you review Hula Global’s comparison with others.
We run five separate programs and each program has its own set of MOQs. We recommend you choose the program that is relevant to you. Learn more about our programs.
Thanks to our network of 34 factories, we have capabilities to manufacture a wide range of catalogue. From basic t-shirt hoodies to designer dresses to functional athleisure, intimates, loungewear and everything in between within the apparel product category.
Each factory specializes in a very specific product type. For example, a t-shirt factory will only be producing t-shirts while a leather jacket factory will be specializing in the production of leather-based apparel products.
Absolutely. Our in-house fashion designers can help you develop an entire collection based on your requirement implementing your ideas, create tech-packs and do the entire product development for the collections. You can review our product development charges here.
We cannot cover every possible combination of garments, apparel products, and design ideas. These products are just placeholders for you to get an idea. If you have a style that is not listed in our product catalog, please contact us.
As factory direct supplier, we usually manufacture based on the client's requirements because each brand has a different offering -so everything we do are made to order with the exception of our liquidation program. Please use this form to contact us.
Our partner factories have certifications ranging from GOTS, SEDEX, SA-8000, WRAP and many more. We also work with smaller factories that are not certified by third party audit but covered under Hula Global Assurance. Please read our certification page for more details.
We work with a large variety of companies. From early-stage start-ups to big box retailers, discount stores and a wide variety of buying & sourcing offices. Our core customer base is e-Commerce brands. And we specialize, particularly in servicing the needs of brands that are scaling up. You can visit our client’s page to learn more.
Large volume manufacturing is our core strength, it is not the upper limit that is our challenge, it is the lower limit that sometimes becomes a challenge for us. You can find more details of our capabilities and capacity here. Please contact us to get customized quotes for your large volume production requirement.
Yes, we in fact have a separate division that specifically caters to the uniform segment comprising school uniforms, hotel uniforms, hospital uniforms, corporate and industrial uniforms. Visit Ultra Uniforms to know more.
Yes, we have a specific program only for influencers who are looking to start a clothing brand. Please read the details of our accelerator program
Each program has its own payment terms. We recommend that you review each program and its payment terms separately.
Yes, we can definitely provide you with the freight cost along with FOB prices. With the exception of quick launch program, we provide the option for door-to-door pricing for all the other programs. We would require quantities, packing information, destination port, and some other information before we could provide you with more details. Please contact us to discuss more.