Hula Global Quality Assurance (HG-QA)

Hula Global Quality Assurance (HG-QA) is an internal self-certification process offered by Hula Global, with a specific focus on the quality aspect of the end product before it leaves the factory.

The basic assumption to implement HG-QA is that the incremental cost of implementing 100% product quality check is lot less than the cost of product return, once that product arrives at the customer’s door-step.

Unlike other certifications that emphasise ethical manufacturing, social audits, and organic practices, Hula Global Assurance’s primary goal is to ensure 100% inspection and quality control, surpassing industry standards like AQL (Accepted Quality Levels).

This quality assurance process is particularly favoured by Direct-to-consumer brands (D2C) that aim to guarantee their end customers with hassle-free returns and refunds. By prioritising the quality of the end product, Hula Global Assurance ensures 100% quality inspection that helps brands maintain customer satisfaction and build trust in their products.

Hula Global Assurance provides a valuable tool for brands seeking to maintain high-quality standards and deliver a positive experience to their customers, solidifying their position in the competitive market of direct-to-consumer retail.

By implementing 100% quality check at factory floor, brands ensure that the product returns due to product defect are minimised to ZERO.

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