Top Clothing Manufacturers in Germany 2024

Clothing Vendors in Germany
Clothing Vendors in Germany

Berlin in particular is regarded as one of the centers of the fashion revolution happening in Europe. The majority of Berlin’s largest wholesale apparel vendors are known for their quality of clothing. They are familiar with demographics, current trends, and particular fashion trending in Europe. In order to get the best supply for your clothing line, you must locate these producers.

It could be difficult to locate a trustworthy manufacturer for clothing. However, using our expertise in apparel supply chain, we have put together this list to help you find suitable a suitable clothing vendor in Germany with a specific focus on Berlin.

Here is a list of top clothing manufacturer suppliers in Germany-

#1 Hula Global

Hula Global is everything you need from a clothing supplier in a box. From the design / concept stage until the tech packs and pre-production samples (PP Samples): Hula Global offers end-to-end solution. In addition, Hula Global also takes care of Shipping and for selected handful of brands provides Purchase Order Financing (PO financing).

Hula Global primary manufacturing base is in India. So, your prices are competitive and yet you get a product that is designed and well suited for your chic European Audience.

If you are looking to diversify outside of China, Hula Global is your best bet. 

Products & Expertise – Men’s, Women’s & Kids clothing, specialty Apparels, Uniforms and fashion accessories like leather handbags and stoles.

Sweet Spot – SME / Mid-segment brands that are doing $1mm to $25mm in revenues.

#2 110%ig

110%ig is a unique German company that manufactures all kinds of clothing and masks as well. However, there is one catch – this company one doesn’t provide you with the fabric. You have to source & arrange your own fabric and ship the fabric to them. But don’t worry, the quality of the production is very good.

If you want jersey clothes for winter, this company is the best pick for you. They specialize in designing and sewing clothes made from jersey material.

Sweet Spot – jersey clothes for winter

#3 Continental Clothing

Continental Clothing focuses on sustainable fabrics and specializes in Knits -shirts, sweatshirts, and hoodies. They claim themselves to be a vegan manufacturer that focuses on making climate-friendly clothing.

Sweet Spot – Knits, bamboo, Organic Cotton, Sustainable clothing

#4 Textile Macher

The company manufactures corporate clothes such as polo shirts and dress shirts. They also make clothes for children on demand. 

Sweet Spot – Uniforms, particularly for the Hotel and F&B industry

#5 Corporate Wear Germany

Corporate Wear Germany specializes in safety wear and sportswear. They can also produce loungewear and womenswear, although that is not their true forte.


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