Myths and facts about Polyester fabric

Polyester Fabric Myths

#1. Myth: Polyester fabric shirts are uncomfortable

Fact: Polyester fabric shirts can be comfortable, especially when blended with natural fibres or treated for moisture-wicking properties.

#2. Myth: Polyester lycra fabric is only for activewear.

Fact: While polyester lycra fabric is excellent for activewear, it’s also used for swimwear, dancewear, and garments that require stretch and recovery.

#3. Myth: Polyester microfiber fabric is not absorbent.

Fact: Polyester microfiber fabric can be highly absorbent, making it suitable for towels and cleaning cloths.

#4. Myth: Polyester silk fabric lacks elegance.

Fact: Polyester silk fabric can mimic the luxurious look of silk while being more affordable and easier to care for.

#5. Myth: Polyester woven fabric is rigid.

Fact: Polyester woven fabric can have various textures, including soft and drapable options suitable for clothing and home decor.

#6. Myth: Printed polyester fabric fades quickly.

Fact: Advances in printing technology have led to fade-resistant printed polyester fabrics that maintain vibrant colours over time.

#7. Myth: Polyester fabric cannot be dyed.

Fact: Polyester can be dyed using the right dye and techniques. It may require a different dye process compared to natural fibres.

#8. Myth: Double-brushed polyester fabric is only for cold weather.

Fact: Double-brushed polyester is soft and suitable for various climates. It provides warmth without excessive weight, making it versatile for different seasons.

#9. Myth: Fleece polyester fabric is not breathable.

Fact: Fleece polyester fabric is breathable and provides warmth while allowing air circulation, making it suitable for cold-weather activities.

#10. Myth: Modal fabric is the same as polyester.

Fact: Modal is a natural fibre, and polyester is synthetic. They have different properties, with models known for their softness and breathability.

#11. Myth: Polyester chiffon fabric is not delicate.

Fact: Polyester chiffon can mimic the delicate appearance of silk chiffon while being more durable and affordable.

#12. Myth: Polyester fabric is not suitable for dresses.

Fact: Polyester fabric is commonly used for dresses, offering a wide range of textures and finishes suitable for various styles. Most fast fashion products from mass market brands like Shein, Temu etc. are made from Polyester fabrics.

#13. Myth: Polyester viscose fabric lacks drape.

Fact: Polyester viscose fabric can have a beautiful drape, making it suitable for flowing garments like skirts and dresses.

#14. Myth: Sheer polyester fabric is not versatile.

Fact: Sheer polyester fabric is versatile and can be used for curtains, dresses, and layered clothing items.

#15. Myth: Textured polyester fabric is scratchy.

Fact: Textured polyester fabric can have a soft and pleasant feel, making it suitable for various clothing and accessory items.

#16. Myth: 95 polyester 5 spandex fabric is not breathable.

Fact: Polyester-spandex blends, like 95% polyester and 5% spandex, can be breathable and are commonly used in activewear.

#17. Myth: The best fabric dye for polyester is challenging to find.

Fact: There are fabric dyes specifically formulated for polyester, making it possible to achieve vibrant and long-lasting colours.

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  1. The myth-busting approach adds a valuable perspective. I appreciate the effort put into debunking common misconceptions about Polyester fabric.


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