Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Florida

clothing manufacturers in Florida

Florida, known for its vibrant lifestyle and fashion-forward culture, is home to a dynamic array of clothing manufacturers. Whether you’re a fashion startup breaking into the industry or an established brand seeking reliable partners, Florida has a diverse range of options to meet your needs. 

Here’s a curated list of the top 10 clothing manufacturers in Florida for 2024, each bringing unique strengths to the table.  Whether you’re a budding entrepreneur launching your first clothing line or a seasoned designer seeking a reliable manufacturing partner, Florida has something to stitch you up with.

This curated list highlights 10 of the top clothing manufacturers in Florida for 2024, along with their specialities,l.; and contact information to help you navigate the exciting world of garment production.

Here are the top 10 clothing manufacturers in Florida for 2024

#1. Hula Global:

One-Stop Shop for Fashion Brands: From brainstorming your initial design concept to receiving pre-production samples and managing shipping, Hula Global offers a seamless end-to-end solution. They cater to men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing, along with stylish accessories like handbags and stoles. Their sweet spot lies with mid-range brands generating $1 million to $25 million in annual revenue

Products & Expertise – Men’s, Women’s & Kids clothing, speciality Apparel, Uniforms and fashion accessories like leather handbags and stoles.
Sweet Spot – Mid-segment brands that are doing $1mm to $25mm in revenues.

#2. Tejidos Royal Fabrics Corporation (Miami, FL):

Fabric Haven for Designers: If you’re looking for a diverse selection of high-quality fabrics to fuel your creativity, Tejidos Royal Fabrics Corporation is your one-stop shop. They offer a vast inventory of fabrics, including wool, silks, linens, and cotton, perfect for creating unique and personalized clothing pieces.

#3. Tuff Stuff Manufacturing (Miami, FL):

Customizable Activewear for the Active Crowd:

Get ready to move in style! Tuff Stuff Manufacturing caters to both established brands and aspiring designers, specializing in high-quality, customizable activewear. From design development to sample creation and bulk production, they offer a full-service experience, allowing you to bring your vision of the perfect activewear line to life.

#4. Miami Threads (Miami, FL):

Small-Batch Specialists for Budding Brands:

Starting small and dreaming big? Miami Threads is your perfect partner! They specialize in catering to small businesses and independent designers, offering a range of production services, including cutting, sewing, and finishing. Their expertise lies in small-batch production, making them a great choice for those launching or growing their clothing line and ensuring exceptional quality control.

#5. I&M Clothing Company (Miami, FL):

Quality and Customization for Everyone:

I&M Clothing Company takes pride in high-quality garment production for men, women, and children. They offer a range of services, including pattern making, sample development, and full-scale production, catering to both established brands and emerging designers. Their commitment to customization allows you to bring your unique vision to life, ensuring your garments stand out from the crowd.

  • Website: Due to privacy concerns, I cannot provide the Exact website. You can search for them using a search engine.
  • Phone: +1 305-757-3522

#5. The Sewing Lab Miami (Miami, FL):

Empowering Aspiring Designers:

The Sewing Lab Miami fosters creativity and entrepreneurship within the local fashion scene. They specialize in small-batch production and educational workshops, providing aspiring designers and entrepreneurs with the skills and resources needed to turn their garment-making dreams into reality. Learn, create, and launch your fashion journey with their supportive guidance.

#6. American Textile & Apparel (Davie, FL):

A One-Stop Shop for Diverse Production Needs:

From fabric sourcing and cutting to sewing and finishing, American Textile & Apparel caters to various production needs. They work with both established brands and emerging designers, offering a comprehensive range of services to help you navigate the garment-making process seamlessly.

#7. Palm Beach Shirt Company (West Palm Beach, FL):

Classic American Style For a touch of timeless elegance, Palm Beach Shirt Company specializes in crafting high-quality dress shirts and sportswear. Their commitment to American-made products and traditional craftsmanship ensures garments that are both stylish and durable.

#8. Sunshine Manufacturing (Miami, FL):

Private Label Experts: Bringing Your Brand to Life:

Turn your vision into reality with Sunshine Manufacturing. They offer a full spectrum of manufacturing services from design development to production and logistics, catering specifically to established brands seeking private-label production solutions. Let their expertise guide you in creating your unique brand identity and bringing your apparel dreams to life.

#9. Lomar Fashion Group (Miami, FL):

Luxury Redefined: From Red Carpets to Everyday Elegance:

From intricate evening gowns to elegant suits, Lomar Fashion Group caters to the world of high-end fashion. They specialize in meticulous craftsmanship and unwavering attention to detail, making them a great choice for designers seeking premium quality and bespoke pieces that exude timeless elegance.

#10. Richard Leeds International (Miami, FL):

Sustainable Swimwear that Makes a Splash:

Committed to eco-conscious practices, Richard Leeds International has become a leading manufacturer of sustainable swimwear. They use recycled materials and eco-friendly dyes, making them a great option for brands seeking to minimize their environmental impact while producing high-quality swimwear that resonates with today’s environmentally conscious consumers.

Remember, this list is just a starting point.

Consider your specific needs like budget, production scale, desired level of customisation, and ethical values when making your final decision. 

Once you curate a list of clothing manufacturers’ suppliers, remember to read – What questions should you ask a clothing supplier and watch out for the red flags by reading – 5 types of suppliers to avoid when dealing with clothing suppliers.

By carefully evaluating your options and exploring the diverse Florida, clothing manufacturing landscape, you’ll find the perfect partner to bring your fashion dreams to life. And don’t forget to download our pre-production checklist so that you can get all your bases covered.


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