Top Clothing Wholesale Vendor in Milan 2024

Vendor in Milan

Clothing Vendor in Milan – Milan is regarded as one of the iconic fashion capitals of the world. The majority of Milan’s largest wholesale apparel vendors are known for their creativity. They are familiar with demographics, current trends, and particular fashions. In order to get the best supply for your clothing line, you must locate these producers.

It could be difficult to locate a trustworthy manufacturer for wholesale Milan clothing. However, using our expertise in apparel supply chain, we have put together this list to help you find suitable a suitable clothing vendor in Milan.

Who are the Top Clothing Supplier Vendor in Milan 2024?

Here are the top 10 clothing vendors in Milan you should be evaluating if you are looking for a clothing vendor in Europe, particularly in Milan.

#1 Hula Global

Hula Global is everything you need from a clothing supplier in a box. 

From the design / concept stage until the tech packs and pre-production samples (PP Samples): Hula Global offers end-to-end solution. In addition, Hula Global also takes care of Shipping and for selected handful of brands provides Purchase Order Financing (PO financing).

Hula Global primary manufacturing base is in India. So, your prices are competitive and yet you get a product that is designed and well suited for your chic Audience. If you are looking to diversify outside of China, Hula Global is your best bet. Although Hula Global is not specifically based in Milan, but it is known to work with several European brands. Here are some of the brands that Hula Global has worked in the past.

Products & Expertise – Men’s, Women’s & Kids clothing, specialty Apparels Uniforms and fashion accessorie like leather handbags and stoles.

Sweet Spot – Mid-segment brands that are doing $1mm to $25mm in revenues.

#2 Aquilano Rimondi 

Aquilano Rimondi is a Milan-based clothing maker. When it comes to creating, designing, and printing your outfit, they provide a wide range of services. Since they not currently have a Google review rating as of the most recent update to this page, you should double-check the company’s reputation using other web resources.

#3 Trend SRL 

Trend Srl is a company specialized in the production of men and women’s bags for the Luxury market, with expertise that spans a wide range of materials.

Customization possibilities, speed, and flexibility, which enable you to be the first to market with the newest trends, are the main draws of Trend SRL.

#4 Manifatture Mediterraneo SRL 

As per the company’s website – Manifatture Mediterraneo specializes in the production of high fashion garments in smaller volumes, outwear and Double Sartoriale -from as small as 5 pcs to 100 pcs per design

Most of the products are made in Italy.

Sweet Spot – Designer owned and driven brands (High Fashion)

#5 Belee Milano

Belee Milano is your one-stop company for your next collection: 100% made in Italy Knitwear and apparel sampling and production for worldwide fashion brands.

#6 Pricoh’s

This is Pricoh’s, an Italian knitwear manufacturer since 1986 at his third generation located in South of Italy. 

Pricoh specializes in premium Made in Italy knitwear production for Men/Women/Kids, but we also have our own facilities in Tunisia in order to provide a cheaper garment, also with good quality. 

Their current MOQ is 100pcs per color for the Made in Italy and 300pcs per color for the Made in Tunisia.

Sweet Spot – High Fashion, Small MOQs, Designer Labels

#7 Ametlab

Ametlab is a high-end fashion and apparel manufacturer .It offers a complete and comprehensive manufacturing service for luxury and high-end fashion brands. checkout the website click here

Sweet Spot – Workwear, Promotional Clothing, DTG

#8 Luxury & Leather

Luxury & Leather manufacturer of bags from Italy. These services typically include design, prototyping, material sourcing quality control, and sometimes even packaging and distribution.

They make bags, small leather goods and leather garments. Leading company in the fashion


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