Top 10 clothing manufacturers in Manchester

clothing manufacturers in Manchester

If you are looking for clothing manufacturers in Manchester, you are in the right place. Read on to find out more.

Manchester, a city steeped in industrial history, continues to be a vital hub for clothing manufacturing and suppliers in the UK. From established players with a global reach to innovative startups, the city boasts a diverse range of manufacturers catering to various needs and styles.

However, navigating this diverse landscape can be challenging. This article unveils some of Manchester’s top clothing manufacturers in 2024, providing a starting point for your garment-making journey.

Here are the top 10 clothing manufacturers in Manchester for 2024

#1. Hula Global:

Hula Global is everything you need from a clothing supplier in a box. From the design/concept stage until the tech packs and pre-production samples (PP Samples).

Hula Global offers end-to-end solutions. In addition, Hula Global also takes care of Shipping and provides Purchase Order Financing (PO financing) for a selected handful of brands.
Hula Global’s primary manufacturing base is in India. So, your prices are competitive and yet you get a product that is designed and well-suited for your chic Audience.

If you are looking to diversify outside of Manchester, Hula Global is your best bet. 

Products & Expertise – Men’s, Women’s & Kids clothing, speciality Apparel, Uniforms and fashion accessories like leather handbags and stoles.
Sweet Spot – Mid-segment brands that are doing $1mm to $25mm in revenues.

#2. The Manchester Shirt Company:

Specializing in high-quality, made-to-measure shirts, they utilize traditional techniques and premium materials.

#3. Factory 42:

Pioneering ethical and sustainable clothing production, they offer design, sampling, and production using recycled and organic materials.

#4. Juliett Designs:

Focused on small-batch, bespoke tailoring, they cater to individuals and businesses seeking unique, high-quality garments with an emphasis on fit and craftsmanship.

#5. Universal Textiles:

A well-established manufacturer with a global reach, they offer a comprehensive service from design to finishing, catering to various sectors like fashion, workwear, and sportswear.

#6. Manchester Fashion Lab:

This co-working space and incubator program supports emerging designers and manufacturers, fostering collaboration and innovation within the local industry.

#7. My Garments Manchester:

They prioritize ethical and sustainable clothing production, offering eco-friendly clothing options for individuals and businesses.

#8. Manchester Activewear: 

Specializing in performance apparel and activewear for athletes and fitness enthusiasts, they offer innovative and functional garments.

  • Website: Due to privacy concerns, I cannot provide the Exact website. You can search for them using a search engine.

#9. Manchester Bag Co:

Specializing in crafting high-quality and stylish bags, from handbags and totes to backpacks and accessories.

#10. Nous Clothing:

Specializing in ethical and sustainable knitwear for various sectors, including fashion, leisurewear, and childrenswear.

Remember, this list is just a starting point.

Before making your final choice, carefully consider your budget, production needs, desired level of customization, and ethical priorities. After narrowing down potential manufacturers, explore additional resources like “What questions should you ask a clothing supplier” and “5 types of suppliers to avoid when dealing with clothing suppliers” to identify any red flags.

By carefully evaluating your options and exploring the diverse Manchester, clothing manufacturing landscape, you’ll find the perfect partner to bring your fashion dreams to life. Don’t forget to download our pre-production checklist to ensure you’re fully prepared before embarking on your clothing manufacturing journey.


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