Quick Launch Program – Advantages and Limitations

Quick Launch Program

If you are looking for a private label clothing manufacturers for small business, ideally with small MOQs, then our Quick Launch Program could be of an interest to you.

Our Quick Launch Program is customised for first-time founders and entrepreneurs. This innovative approach offers a slew of advantages that can help you get started – really fast and bring your fashion brand to life. In this blog post, we’ll delve deep into the features and advantages of the Quick Launch Program, while also shedding light on its limitations to help you make an informed decision.

Advantages of the Quick Launch Program

No or low Minimum Order Value (MOQ) or Aggregate MOQs

One of the standout features of the Quick Launch Program is the absence or a low Minimum Order Value (MOQ) or aggregate MOQs. This means that you are not bound by the traditional MOQ constraints that often require you to order a minimum quantity of products. The only MOQ that applies is for fabric. For instance, if you wish to start with 100 pieces across 3 different styles, you can do so without the burden of having to meet aggregate MOQs. If the fabric roll only produces 100 pieces, your MOQ is 100 pieces for that particular specific colour & fabric type. This flexibility allows you to test the waters without the pressure of large inventory commitments.

Rapid Time to Market

The Quick Launch Program is aptly named, as it lives up to its promise of rapid market entry. By circumventing the time-consuming process of product development, this program saves you valuable time. Time is often of the essence in the fashion industry, and the Quick Launch Program ensures that you can swiftly bring your designs to market, capitalising on trends and consumer demands.

Cost Efficiency

Traditional product development can be a costly and resource-intensive endeavour. The Quick Launch Program excels in cost efficiency by eliminating the need for extensive product development. As a result, you save a substantial portion of your product development costs, allowing you to allocate your budget more effectively.

Reduced Risk

For emerging fashion brands, the risk of overproduction looms large. Ordering large quantities of inventory without market validation can lead to financial losses. The Quick Launch Program addresses this issue by allowing you to start with smaller quantities. This risk mitigation strategy reduces the chances of excess inventory, ensuring that you produce only what you can sell.

Flexibility in Design and Quantity

Our Quick Launch program offers flexibility in both style selection and quantities. You can experiment with various styles and assess which ones resonate most with your target audience. This freedom to explore different designs and quantities is invaluable when you’re still discovering your brand’s identity and customer preferences. However, this should not be confused with A/B Testing Option provided under accelerator program

Quality Assurance

The inclusion of the “Samples” stage in the Quick Launch Program guarantees quality assurance. Quick Launch operates on simple and time-testing principle of WYSIWYG – What You See is What You Get.

By providing you with final samples that matches your design references, the program allows you to assess and refine the quality of your products before embarking on full-scale production.

If you are opting for bulk production, you should incorporate a standard AQL of 2.5 to 3 – this means accepting minor defects of 5% to 6%.

If you want to have zero defects, you can always opt for Hula Global’s Quality Assurance (QA) program. Get in touch with your account manager to learn more about the cost of QA program.

Limitations of the Quick Launch Program

Quick Launch program is not for everyone and it comes with its own set of limitations. While the Quick Launch Program does offer some remarkable advantages, it’s important to be aware of its limitations to determine it’s feasibility with respect to your specific needs:

Lack of Dedicated Designers:

Unlike other programs such as the Accelerator Program and Product Development Program, the Quick Launch Program does not include dedicated designers. This means that you won’t have access to tech packs, which provide detailed design specifications. If you require a high level of customisation or your niche centers around sizes and fittings, the Quick Launch Program may not be the best fit for your project.

Templated Approach

To reduce product development costs, the Quick Launch Program utilizes a templated approach. This approach may not be suitable for brands that require extensive customization or have specific design intricacies, particularly related to sizes and fittings.

Most fabrics used are standardised fabrics made of polyester or some blend of polyester with cotton, rayon or viscose. You will not get your specific fabrics / GSM / blends of your choice under quick launch program.

Fabric Approvals

To save time on fabric approvals, we ship only limited fabric swatches for fabric quality approval. Once the fabric quality approvals are done, you have to approve prints and designs for same fabric quality over email instead of fabric in physical form.

Limited Sample Quantity

Under the Quick Launch Program, you will receive either 1 or 3 samples for every 5 styles, depending on your selected plan. These samples are indicative of what you will receive during production. If you require additional samples or size sets beyond this allocation, they can be produced during the production phase.

Jump Sizes

In the Quick Launch Program, you will receive jump sizes (alternate sizes) after you confirm the Purchase Order and before production begins. This is a result of the sampling process and may not be suitable for brands that require a broader range of sizes upfront.

Limited Branding and Customisation Options

The program offers limited branding and customisation options. If you have specific branding and customization requirements, it’s advisable to consult your account manager to evaluate the feasibility of your branding needs within the program’s framework.

Upfront Cost

Quick launch program consists of an upfront cost of 20% advance or $1500 USD (higher of the two). Once you confirm the feasibility and pricing, in order to get started, you need to deposit this upfront cost. These advances under quick launch program are non-refundable in nature.

Reduced Support

While other programs provide dedicated account managers and stringent timelines, the Quick Launch Program operates with a different support structure. Under this program, you will have access to ticket and email support, but there will not be a dedicated account manager. This difference in support may impact the level of guidance and assistance available to you throughout the production process.

The Quick Launch Program is a game-changer for emerging fashion brands and entrepreneurs looking to test the waters without a substantial commitment to inventory. With its unique advantages, such as no MOQs, rapid time to market, cost efficiency, and flexibility, it offers an enticing opportunity to enter the market swiftly and efficiently.

However, it’s crucial to consider the program’s limitations, especially if your brand’s niche demands a high level of customization, intricate design work, or extensive size options. By carefully evaluating your project’s requirements and aligning them with the features and limitations of the Quick Launch Program, you can make an informed decision that sets your fashion brand on a path to success.

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