Baize – debunking popular myths about Baize Fabric

Baize Fabric

Baize is a kind of fabric that is frequently used for many different things, particularly in the furniture and traditional game industries. This is a quick reference guide for baize fabric. We have covered the entire baize fabric under our fabric guide – What is the Baize Fabric Guide? 

#1. Myth: Baize Fabric is Only Used for Gaming Tables.

Fact: While baize fabric is commonly used for gaming tables, it has versatile applications, including cue sports surfaces, crafts, bookbinding, and furniture.

#2. Myth: Green Baize Fabric is Outdated.

Fact: Green baize fabric is a classic choice, especially for gaming tables. Its traditional appeal remains timeless, and it continues to be a preferred colour.

#3. Myth: Baize Fabric Has a Limited Range of uses.

Fact: Baize fabric is versatile and used in various applications, from gaming tables and cue sports to crafts, bookbinding, and furniture upholstery.

#4. Myth: Baize Fabric is Uncomfortable to the Touch.

Fact: Baize fabric is known for its soft and velvety texture, making it comfortable to the touch. The slightly napped or brushed surface adds to its smoothness.

#5. Myth: Baize Fabric is Prone to Fading.

Fact: Baize fabric, especially when made from quality materials, is designed to resist fading. Proper care can help maintain its colour and appearance over time.

#6. Myth: Baize Fabric is Only for Traditional Settings.

Fact: Baize fabric, while rooted in tradition, can be adapted for modern settings. Its applications extend to contemporary furniture and creative crafts.

#7. Myth: Baize Fabric Smells Over Time.

Fact: Baize fabric, when properly cared for, does not develop unpleasant odours. Regular cleaning and maintenance can prevent any issues.

#8. Myth: Baize Fabric is Difficult to Find.

Fact: Baize fabric is readily available in various fabric stores and online. It comes in different colours and can be sourced for different projects.

#9. Myth: Baize Fabric is Not Environmentally Friendly.

Fact: Baize fabric made from natural fibres like wool can be eco-friendly. Choosing sustainable sourcing options enhances its environmental credentials.

#10. Myth: Baize Fabric is Too Expensive.

Fact: The cost of baize fabric can vary, but it’s available in different price ranges. There are affordable options without compromising on quality.

#11. Myth: Baize Fabric Causes Allergic Reactions.

Fact: Baize fabric made from hypoallergenic materials like wool is unlikely to cause allergic reactions. It’s a suitable choice for various individuals.

#12. Myth: Baize Fabric is Prone to Shrinking.

Fact: Proper care, including following recommended cleaning instructions, helps prevent baize fabric from shrinking. Quality materials also contribute to stability.

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