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Do you know that over 80% of fashion brands fail within the first two years of operation?

Most entrepreneurs start with a big vision but with very limited planning. And it’s not their fault entirely.


There is so much noise out there, that it is very hard to separate fluff from the real thing.In this channel, we bring to you insights and practical information based on decades of our experience working with brands of all sizes – globally. Whether it’s a fashion brand in Australia, Brazil, the United States, or India – we have done it all.What we do here is tooth out the best practices and give you a framework so that you can make rational decisions that will help you build and grow your brand without having any sleepless nights.Whether you are a fashion enthusiast who wants to learn about the business side of fashion or you are a fashion brand owner juggling multiple responsibilities, trying to figure out ways of doing things efficiently, you are in the right place.I am your host Karan Bose, founder of Hula Global, a clothing supplier to many well-known brands and author of the book – How to Start a Fashion Brand.If that sounds like you -click that subscribe button, wherever you listen to the podcasts. So, every time one of my episodes goes live, you will be the first to know.