10 Useful Tips to Boost Quality and Control for Apparel Manufacturers

Clothing Manufacturers
Clothing Manufacturers

A poor quality and inconsistent sizing can lead to unhappy customers and lost profits. And as a result, apparel manufacturers are always looking for ways to improve the quality and control of their products.

To secure the success of your fashion brand, apparel manufacturers juggle a number of best business practices. Here quality and control is essential piece of this jigsaw, and there are various strategies that designers can use to make their process run more easily and successfully.

We list out the top 10 things you can do to improve the quality of your brand’s products.

#1. QMS

Implementing a Quality Management System (QMS) is essential for any clothing manufacturer to lay a strong groundwork. This QMS system outlines clear procedures for every stage of production, from fabric selection to final inspection. A strong QMS ensures consistency and minimizes errors. If you are a clothing brand, it is worth evaluating a clothing supplier based on the QMS they follow for their production processes.

#2. Training

Empower your manufacturer’s workforce by providing comprehensive training on your QMS parameters. Regular training keeps everyone on the same page and ensures quality standards are met. Your clothing manufacturer’s team is essentially an extension of your team, so it is worth the time & effort to train your “extended” team.

#3. Accuracy

Inconsistent sizing is a recipe for unhappy customers. Before the product even begins, double-check the patterns and ensure that the final pre-production samples are meticulously measured to ensure a perfect fit across all sizes. We have a very through sampling and product development process, if you would like to benchmark your sampling against our processes, please review all the pointers under Pre-Production. Remember, Precision is key: Use accurate measurements.

#4. Inspection

Don’t rely solely on the manufacturer’s quality checks. Run third party independent quality audits and implement a final inspection process at your end to catch any discrepancies before garments are shipped.

#5 Customer Feedback

Actively collect customer feedback on fit, material quality, and overall design. Use this valuable information to continuously improve your garments. Quality is not a off-event but a constant endeavour where your manufacturer and your brand are constantly evolving based on customer feedback.

#6. Standardisation:

You need to develop precise size charts for each style. There is a reason why pre-production / product development & sampling stage is extremely crucial. Here is a breakdown of all the sampling processes for Hula Global. This ensures consistency and reduces the risk of garments running too big or too small.

#7. Become Detail Oriented

Being detail oriented starts from Day 1. From your merchandising plan to tech packs – you need to be very detailed oriented from the very first day. Create detailed sewing patterns. Clear and comprehensive sewing patterns minimize confusion during production and lead to a well-constructed final product.

#8. Embrace Technology

Consider using digital garment prototyping tools to visualize your designs in 3D. This allows for early detection of potential fit issues before physical samples are made.

#9. Testing

Before bulk production begins, put your fabrics and trims through the ringer. Test for shrinkage, colorfastness, and durability to ensure they meet your quality standards. Even during and after production, you need to run basic FPT and GPT tests.

#10. Communication

Quality is not an overnight one-off event. You need to maintain a strong relationship with your manufacturer is the foundation of delivering exceptional quality product to your end customer. And regular and transparent communication is the bedrock for delivering high quality products. Regular and transparent communication allows you to address concerns promptly and collaboratively solve any quality issues that may arise.

If there is a bad news and you react in a negative way, chances are that when there another bad news, your clothing supplier will try to conceal that information from you for as much longer as they can and by the time when you get to know about the bad news – it is already too late.


  • Develop a strong quality management system (QMS). This should include standard operating procedures for all aspects of the manufacturing process, from design to delivery. 
  • Train your employees and your clothing supplier’s team thoroughly on the quality management system, and make sure they follow it correctly. 
  • Use accurate and consistent measurements when creating your patterns and samples. 
  • Inspect each garment before it goes out the door, and reject any that don’t meet your standards. 
  • Keep track of customer feedback, and use it to continually improve your product quality. Strong clothing brand owners are always looking for ways to improve the quality and empower their clothing supplier to improve based on customer feedback.
  • Develop accurate measurements for each size and style of garment. 
  • Create a detailed sewing pattern for each style of garment. 
  • Use quality fabrics and trimming materials. 
  • Inspect garments for defects before shipping them out. Carry out third-party quality inspection as and when your shipment is ready to dispatch
  • Enable open and transparent communication.

Hula Global is a clothing manufacturing brand that offers innovative and quality manufactured apparel for the world. They take pride in their work, which shows through clean lines, durable fabrications, and attention to detail.

If you’re looking for an affordable apparel manufacturer in India with outstanding customer service, look no further than Hula Global! Connect with us today to get started on your next project or learn more about how we can tailor our services to fit your needs.

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