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Top 10 Movies For Fashion Industry Professionals

The fashion industry is changing especially fast and only professionals or those who constantly follow trends can keep up with its development. To achieve stunning results, it is not enough to be guided by personal preferences. Every professional must be aware of the subtleties of materials, design trends, be able to create images correctly, understand the structure of the body and many other requirements. This is where films come to the rescue, offering interesting approaches, an understanding of timeless classics and a deeper understanding of the entire fashion industry.

Movies For Fashion Industry Professionals

1. Bill Cunningham New York

The phrase “We all get dressed for Bill” is addressed to Bill Cunningham – an iconic and much-loved figure in the fashion world. He is often called the “Godfather of street-style photography.” Cunningham was passionate about documenting the fashion landscape of New York and yes, at that time, few people knew about Scott Schuman and Tommy Ton. This 2010 documentary film reflects Cunningham’s journey with a 35mm camera through the streets of NY. If you are looking for a human experience, this film gives a candid look into a personal life.

Bill Cunningham New York

2. Crazy Rich Asians

The blockbuster showcases the opulent lifestyles of Asia’s wealthiest families and was destined for grand couture moments. From Araminta Lee’s Swarovski-encrusted wedding dress to Astrid Leong’s (played by Gemma Chan) vintage looks, the film’s fashion is nothing short of spectacular. However, even with such high-caliber fashion on-screen, the cast’s off-screen red carpet appearances managed to surpass the film’s costumes in grandeur.

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Crazy Rich Asians

3. The Phantom Thread

Considered one of the most elite dressmakers in 1950s British fashion, Reynolds Woodcock dressed film stars, royalty, and socialites. His life changes dramatically with the dawn of ready-to-wear fashion and the sudden appearance of Alma, a strong-willed woman who becomes his muse and challenges his views.

The Phantom Thread

4. The Devil Wears Prada

Aspiring journalist Andy gets a coveted job at a prestigious fashion magazine. It could be the start of an incredible career and a source of pride. Other girls are ready to do anything for such a position. But Andy can’t adjust to the grueling schedule, social sacrifices, and verbal lashings from her boss. In the film, we watch her journey through thinking about whether career success is worth so much effort.

The Devil Wears Prada

5. Dior and I

The illustrious realm of Christian Dior is an elusive dream that is too daring for any designer to even set a goal for. But if you are willing to take a closer look at the life and work of Christian Dior, you may rethink your approach to design. This refreshing documentary is a breath of fresh air that challenges the standard genre of fashion documentaries. You will be able to follow Raf Simons, who is just entering his new atelier and facing the difficulties of transition, as well as creating his first couture collection. The film is full of original emotions that only designers and fashion professionals know. You can take this short film as a homage to the dedicated and spirited seamstresses of Dior.

Dior and I

6. Funny Face

The magic of cinema is often elusive, but we can feel it when the eternally enchanting Audrey Hepburn and the legendary dancer Fred Astaire meet. The film is full of original songs from the Broadway musical George Gershwin and unique designer dresses. All dresses are custom-made by Hubert de Givenchy. The musical has already taken root in the classic segment and shows a dowdy bookstore clerk who, by the will of fate and not by her own will, becomes a model. We also meet Astaire, who was able to recognize talent and reveals it to the world. True fashion enthusiasts are delighted with the image of fashion editor Maggie Prescott – a character inspired by the iconic Diana Vreeland.

Funny Face

7. Cruella

Since “Cruella” serves as an origin story, it allows for an in-depth exploration of the mischievous designer (Emma Stone) prior to her metamorphosis into the notorious Disney villain. As she adeptly ascends the ranks at the Baroness’s (Emma Thompson) fashion house, driven by a quest for vengeance for her mother’s death, she discovers the significance of style in her schemes while crafting her new persona.


8. L’Amour Fou

Biographical films are ideal for inspiration and reflection. This masterpiece is full of passion, personal battles and deeply demonstrates the path to the creation of extraordinary design. You have probably heard of the French couturier Yves Saint Laurent, and now you can get to know his story better. The film describes 50 years of the formation of Saint Laurent: from a luxurious life to an exhausting depression. The logical conclusion of the depression is the release of a new collection, but what will it be like, created in such a stormy emotional environment. Try to hold back your tears during Bergé’s heartfelt speech at Saint Laurent’s funeral in 2008.

L’Amour Fou

9. Homecoming

Beyoncé’s Homecoming documentary on Netflix is more than just proof of her status as one of the greatest performers of our era; it’s also a visual delight for fashion enthusiasts. Chronicling her meticulous preparation for the legendary Coachella performance in 2018, the film showcases an array of costumes crafted by Balmain’s creative director, Olivier Rousteing.


10. The First Monday In May

We are transported to 2015, and more specifically to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for the exhibition China: Through the Looking Glass. Even today, it is one of the most popular exhibitions in The Met’s history. Back then, visitors had a unique opportunity to witness the intertwining of Chinese culture with Western fashion. A display of 150 garments from 40 designers is a vivid example of this.

Try to look at fashion as an art form through the prism of the collection, as well as interviews with fashion icons Anna Wintour, Karl Lagerfeld, and Lady Gaga. The film also delves into the issues of cultural appropriation and examines the issue of respect for cultural traditions. If a designer is inspired by a country’s culture, it should be reflected accurately in the clothes, and should not be perceived as something of their own and distorted.

The First Monday In May


Taking a break to enjoy a well-crafted fashion film is always a good idea. Whether for inspiration or sheer entertainment. These films, whether depicting real or fictional characters, charismatic personalities, or cringe-worthy moments, transport you to runways, designer studios, and the desks of fashion editors.

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