10 steps to generate brand name ideas for a fashion brand

10 steps to generate brand name ideas

Are you planning to start your own fashion brand and not coming up with good brand name ideas? Well, guess what – you are not alone.

When it comes to naming your fashion brand, there are many factors that you need to consider when starting a fashion business, from designing your product to building a brand. Naming your fashion brand is in fact one of the most important decisions you’ll make is what to name your company.

Each step has its own strengths, so read on and take help to come up with the one that best fits your vision for your company. And remember, ideas for brand name are just the beginning. It is important to note that you’ll still need to create a logo and marketing materials that capture the essence of your brand. So get creative and have fun with it!

Creating Catchy Brand Name Ideas: A Step-by-Step Guide


Start with a strong name that will stand out

To come up with a good brand takes time and continual effort. But keep in mind that a strong brand significantly boosts a company’s value. It gives employees a sense of orientation, motivation, and belonging. It also enables you to boost your prices and gain more consumers without having to lift a finger.

Building a healthy relationship with customers requires a strong, distinct brand image while thinking fashion clothing brand name ideas. If consumers believe you and they share the same values. And they will come to your brand and will be more inclined to choose you over the competition.


Keep it simple

A simple name is not only easier to remember when they see it again. But it is also easier to absorb and grasp. Furthermore, It is easier to correlate with pleasant events because it activates critical memory centers in the brain rather than confusing or overloading the brain with too many messages.


Think about your target market

Targeting a specific market does not imply excluding people who do not meet your requirements but rather trying to empathise how your target market would relate to your brand. You should think what words they would use to describe your brand if they were asked to do so.

Understanding your market – both from your customer’s perspective and your competitor’s perspective – is critical for building a successful clothing business. Discovering what your customers truly desire will allow you to improve your products and services to satisfy their needs.


Invoke emotion for your fashion brand name

Use adjectives that evoke positive emotions for your fashion brand’s name.

Emotional Branding educates a company on how to develop its personality in order to leave a lasting impression on users. Therefore while coming up with the brand name ideas for your brand it’s really important to connect with the audience. Brand personalities develop compelling personas that elicit a positive emotional response to the brand. Experience is a crucial aspect in developing brand identity in Emotional Branding.


Be creative and original

Avoid using generic names and the names that are already take. Not only can a creative name help to build trust and authority between your business and your customers, but it can also improve the ranking of your website in search results, create and increase audience engagement, and generate leads.


Check domain is available

You must definitely ensure that domain name is available for the name you choose. You cannot ignore e-Commerce anymore and just like a domain name, you should ensure to quickly get the social media handles for the name you have finalized. A domain name is the first step in establishing your company’s online presence when you seek clothing brand name ideas. It will help to set the tone for how your clients discover your website, perceive your company, and interact with your brand.

And, while it isn’t the only factor influencing your site’s success, there are other reasons why you should choose a domain name with care: A memorable, one-of-a-kind name is more likely to linger with visitors and entice them to return. Similarly an easy to recall social media handle is going to create a fast recall and help build the initial brand loyalty.


Brand name should follow your passion

Brand names are all about passion. Your brand name should represent what passion and emotion you stand for in the marketplace. Your fashion brand’s name is the representation of your products and also the customer service you will extend to your customers.

Your brand name communicates your company’s ethics, values, and goals and in a certain way, it also communicates to your target audience about how you feel about them and what value you can provide them.


Narrow down your options

Narrowing down your options while coming up with new brand name ideas makes you unique from others and helps you stand out from other companies. Ideally you should be able to narrow down all the different name options down to the last 3.


Do your research for your brand name ideas

The goal is not to choose a winning name or to judge how appealing it is. If done correctly, name research may provide insight into the thoughts of consumers, demonstrating how they respond to specific words and the impact this can have on their relationship with your product and corporate brand.


Legal and Trademarks

Last but not least, ensure that the name you choose is not infringing on any existing brand name (like Abibas!)

Availability of trademark will ensure safeguards and prevents other businesses from infringing on your intellectual property. By choosing a name that can be trademarked, you ensure that other businesses do not steal your ideas and creativity and you create a strong barrier to entry.


We have provided these 10 steps to generate brand name ideas for your fashion brand with some serious, others light-hearted as inspiration for your business name. The fashion industry is a highly competitive one and there are many ways to stand out. One way would be through unique branding that sets your company apart from the rest of the competition.

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