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Brown Loungewear

These pictures are just for reference. We would require a tech pack and detailed specification to quote exact pricing.  Please get in touch with us for detailed quotations.

• MOQs : 200 pcs to 500 pcs per colour
• Sampling :$100/design + Courier charges
• Production Price : $4 to $6 USD per unit
• Service charges : $5000 USD per PO
• Factories – India  (under 1 HQ container) Bangladesh (Multi-container shipments)
• Fabric Options : Cotton, Polyester, Poly-cotton, Spandex, Jersey, Lycra, Twill, Jersey, Mesh
• Sampling charges are refundable when you place an order

These are ex-factory prices in USD. Freight, duties, taxes are extra.



Disclaimer – Hula Global doesn’t not have any intellectual rights to these images. These pictures are only for reference and Hula Global does not plan to retail or sell the very exact products

How is total cost calculated?
Let’s say you order 10 Styles x 200 pcs per Style = 2000 pcs
Unit price  = $6
Sampling cost = $100 x 10 = $1000
Total Product cost = $12000 USD
Service charge = $5000 USD
Total invoice value = $17000 USD
(less) : Refund for sampling : $1000
Invoice value after sampling cost adjustment = $16000
Effective unit price $8 USD for 2000 pcs

Is there a possibility to reduce service charges?
Yes, of course.  We have a modular approach to pricing. You can always add or remove specific services. At the time of quotation, we will provide you with a detailed breakdown.