Sustainable Brand: MOQ problem

Brand S is an organic kids wear brand selling baby rompers and tutu skirts for kids & babies via Shopify in the US and Canada.


This US based sustainable kids wear brand has been in the business for few years but it is struggling to meet the MOQ criteria for the organic fabric. 

Problem Statement:

  • Not able to meet MQOs required for Organic cotton fabrics
  • Not able to add more variety and print while keeping sustainability principles intact.
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Hula Global team conducted reviewed all the certification requirements and the testing processes in place to evaluate organic cotton content and implemented the following solutions:

Self-certification: Hula Global team created internal self-certification method that would verify the authenticity of the yarn and the subsequent fabric. A big part of MOQs happen because of very high cost of third-party certification. By eliminating the cost of third-party certification, Hula Global’s team was able to bring down the MOQs to a reasonable level that could be achieved by the brand.


The brand continues to operate on self-certification principle and actively utilizes Hula Global’s assurance program to ensure 100% inspection of goods.