Supply chain Transformation

From not so fast fashion Brand to a brand that is sold out before the inventory lands in the US.

Brand F is a women’s fashion brand selling fast fashion products like tops, dresses etc. via Shopify.


This US based women’s fast fashion brand continued to face major supply chain issues. It was stock out on trending products and its suppliers could not react “in-season” and was otherwise sitting on a pile of inventory which remained unsold.

Problem Statement:

High Production lead time leading to missing launch deadlines 

Before 1


Hula Global team conducted its study across the brand’s competitors and implemented the following solutions:

  1. Immediate approvals: Created a series of internal processes that would allow the brands to directly approve the prints as long as the original bodies and fits are approved. 
  2. Drops: Reverse engineered the factory processes to match drops instead of working in a seasonal cycle.
  3. Created a liquidation plan in addition to merchandise plan in order to structure the liquidation of inventory in a planned phase manner and linked that liquidation plan to the e-commerce team’s marketing campaign calendar.
  4. Pre-approved costing: Instead of doing back-and-forth on costing of individual styles, we created a templated approach to costing based on specific parameters on fabric, style and cut & sew method.


The brand now operates on weekly drops and competes head-on with Shein with focus on quality products while keeping its prices competitive and inventory minimal.