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Sponsor a post or a paid post program for Hula Global enables you to write content outside the niche of fashion & apparel and you get to promote your product or services with in-line article.

Our goal is to provide the best coverage on the topics that matter most to our audience. So we are actively looking for content writers, creators & entrepreneurs to share their experience and expertise through our guest post program. The details of our guest post program can be found here - write for us.

We have no promotional policy under our guest posting program. You only get a no-follow link in author bio for guest posts. However, you can sponsor a post through our paid post program that can be used to promote individual products and services.

Our price per post is the following - 

  • Plan 1 : $70 for 1 article and 1 Do-follow link
  • Plan 2 : $100 for 2 articles with 3 Do-follow link

If you opt for plan 2 - there would be a difference of at least 2 weeks between the two posts.

  • It is important to thoroughly review our editorial policy. The details of our editorial policy, how to pitch to us and the entire steps are clearly outlined under the write for us section.  
  • We do not accept articles that promote clothing manufacturers due to conflict of interest. If you are a clothing manufacturer, garment supplier or apparel sourcing company, then you must be part of our verified vendor network. We have a different fee structure for apparel suppliers.
  • All articles should be between 1000 to 1500 words and must follow our editorial guidelines.
  • All articles should be written in English with correct grammar.
  • All posts must accompany with a cover page image : 1200 x700
  • You are allowed to use 1 additional image other than cover post image.
  • We are based in India and governed by the laws of India. We can only publish content that is legal in India. CBD, gambling, crypto and similar categories that are banned by the government of India and as a result we cannot include any content about those topics.

Before making payment - please contact us with with the subject and a broad outline for your paid post and only then proceed to make the payment. If this sounds like you, then let us talk more.

You can always reach us at [email protected]

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