BCI, the Better Cotton Initiative, is a global non-profit organization established in 2005 to promote sustainable practices in the cotton industry. BCI aims to make cotton production more environmentally friendly, economically viable, and socially responsible. The initiative works with farmers, retailers, and brands to implement better cotton farming practices, reducing the environmental impact and improving the livelihoods of cotton farmers worldwide.

In the context of apparel procurement, BCI plays a vital role in promoting the use of sustainable cotton. As a significant raw material in the fashion industry, cotton production can have significant environmental and social implications. BCI provides a credible platform for brands and retailers to source and support cotton produced with better practices, including reduced water usage, minimised pesticide use, and improved labor conditions.

BCI (Better Cotton Initiative) and Sedex differ in their focus and objectives. BCI is a non-profit organisation that promotes sustainable cotton production, encouraging environmentally friendly practices and improved livelihoods for cotton farmers. 

On the other hand, Sedex is a global platform for ethical data exchange, aiding companies in managing supply chain information, including labor standards and business ethics. 

While BCI specifically targets the cotton industry to ensure sustainable sourcing, Sedex has a broader scope, assisting businesses across various sectors in promoting responsible and ethical practices in their supply chains.

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