Our customers can pick from a range of services.

Each of our team member have a strong domain expertise and can accommodate all client specific needs and customization


Research and Development is the foundation for a great clothing collection. Understanding the nerve of the market and development of the merchandise as per its trends is all that it takes to create a strong presence in the industry. Our team of fashion-savvy professionals work hard in developing the latest fabrics. We work closely with our network of mills and comprehend the fabric fashion trending at all times.

Our fabric vendors anticipate the needs of the customers and are capable of handling customer enquiries.


We have an extensive team of designers that helps the buyers on everything they require including move-on for the best selling collection or creation of new themes from the scratch. We assist our customers with the creation and conceptualization of new merchandise by offering our significant propositions. Our sole motive is to combine the work forces for seamless and exceptional performance in the market that can strengthen our spectrum of business.


Development is that one stage that is needed in all phases. It is a paradigm of growth and has different kind of significance at every step. For us, one definition of development is also to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services. We create samples made with quality fabrics and invincible designs. This way we make sure that all the products meet customer’s specifications and expectations.


Hula Global spends a lot of time in anticipating the needs of the customers. We stand with our customers at every step of sampling process. In apparel industry, the fit of the cloth is vital. In order to satisfy our customers and ensure that their clothes are of optimum fit, we collaborate with our customers at every step by sending them the pictures of the designs and actual samples. We are open for suggestions and make immediate changes if requested by the customers.