Sedex – stands for Supplier Ethical Data Exchange, is a global non-profit organisation that was established in 2004. Its primary objective is to promote responsible and ethical business practices in supply chains across various industries. Sedex provides a platform for companies to share and manage information related to labor standards, health and safety, the environment, and business ethics in their supply chains.

As the fashion industry involves complex supply chains spanning multiple countries, it faces challenges related to labor conditions, worker rights, and environmental impact. Sedex enables apparel brands and retailers to collaborate with their suppliers, monitor compliance with ethical standards, and drive improvements where needed.

Sedex has gained popularity in various countries around the world, especially in regions where apparel manufacturing is a significant industry. It is well-adopted in countries such as China, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, and Cambodia, among others.

Numerous renowned brands and retailers have embraced Sedex certifications as part of their commitment to responsible sourcing. Some of these notable names include H&M, Adidas, Nike, Marks & Spencer, Levi Strauss & Co., Primark, and Gap Inc. By aligning with Sedex, these companies demonstrate their dedication to fostering sustainable and ethical practices in the global apparel supply chain.

Hula Global’s Sedex certification number is ZC: 413758637

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