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Bathrobe vendor under $8

Priced under $10 per pc (read $8.99, $7.99)
MOQs : 1,000 pcs per design
PO Minimums=> 10,000 pcs in aggregate across multiple styles and designs
Cut-off minimums => 5,000 pcs
Overhead surcharge => $2/pc
All prices : Ex-factory

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Priced under $10 per pc (read $7.99, $6.99)
MOQs : 1,000 pcs per design
PO Minimums=> 10,000 pcs in aggregate across multiple styles and designs
Cut-off minimums => 5,000 pcs
Overhead surcharge => $2/pc
All prices : Ex-factory

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Luxury at Your Fingertips: Introducing Our Premium Bath Towels

Indulge in the ultimate bath-time experience with our exquisite Premium Bath Towels. Crafted with the finest materials and unparalleled craftsmanship, these towels will transform your daily routine into a spa-like retreat.*

Unmatched Quality:
Our Premium Bath Towels are a testament to quality and luxury. We’ve spared no expense in selecting the finest materials to create a product that not only pampers your skin but also stands the test of time.

Supreme Softness:
You have the option to choose fabrics from 100% long-staple cotton, bamboo, French Terry, Flecee, Microfibre, Velour these towels are incredibly soft and plush. Wrap yourself in the gentle embrace of our towels and experience a level of comfort you never knew was possible. Each touch is a caress of luxury against your skin.

Exceptional Absorbency:
Our towels are designed to quickly and efficiently wick away moisture, leaving you feeling dry and refreshed. Say goodbye to the hassle of struggling with damp towels; our Premium Bath Towels effortlessly absorb water, making your post-bath experience a breeze.

Durability That Lasts:
Invest in a product that stands the test of time. Our products are not only soft and absorbent but also built to endure use and countless wash cycles. Our products regularly under go testing to evaluate their strength. The strong, double-stitched edges ensure that your towels maintain their integrity, wash after wash.

Elegant Design:
Your bathroom is a reflection of your taste, and our Premium Bath Towels complement any decor effortlessly. With a timeless, minimalist design and a range of classic colors to choose from, they effortlessly elevate the aesthetics of your bathroom.

Generous Sizing:
The beauty of working directly with a factory supplier is that we understand the importance of comfort and convenience. That’s why our bath robes are generously sized to envelop you in warmth and luxury. We can design, develop and manufacture bathrobes according to your specifications, sizes and requirements.
Step out of the bath or shower and into the embrace of our towels, wrapping yourself in ultimate comfort.

Easy Care:
Our robes are not only luxurious but also practical. They are machine-washable and designed to maintain their softness and absorbency even after multiple washes. Say goodbye to robes that lose their charm over time; ours only get better with age.

The Perfect Gift:
Looking for the perfect gift for a loved one? Our Premium Bathrobes make an ideal present. Whether it’s for a housewarming, wedding, or simply to show someone you care, these towels are a thoughtful and luxurious choice.

Environmentally Friendly:
We believe in sustainable practices, which is why our robes are made with eco-conscious materials and processes. Rest easy knowing that you’re not only investing in luxury but also in a product that respects the environment.

Transform Your Bath-Time Ritual:
Bath time is not just a routine; it’s a moment of relaxation and self-indulgence. Our Premium Bath Towels elevate this experience to new heights. Imagine stepping out of a soothing bath or invigorating shower and cocooning yourself in the soft, plush embrace of our towels. It’s a simple luxury that will make you look forward to your daily rituals.

Versatile and Practical:
Our Premium Bath Towels are not just for the bathroom. Take them to the beach, use them at the pool, or pack them for your next adventure. Their versatility and quick-drying properties make them the perfect companion for all your outdoor activities.

Pamper Yourself and Your Family:
Don’t settle for ordinary bathrobe when you can have the best. Treat yourself, your family, and your guests to the luxury they deserve. Our Premium Bath Towels are available in sets, so you can enjoy the experience of ultimate comfort together.

Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed:
We take pride in our products, and we’re confident that you’ll love our Premium Bathrobes as much as we do. However, if for any reason you’re not completely satisfied, we offer a hassle-free return policy. Your satisfaction is our priority.

Experience Luxury Every Day:
Your daily routine deserves a touch of luxury, and our Premium Bathrobes deliver just that. Start and end your day enveloped in the softness and comfort you deserve. Elevate your bath-time ritual with towels that redefine luxury.

In conclusion, our Premium Bathrobes are more than just towels; they’re an invitation to experience true luxury every day. Crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, these robes offer unparalleled softness, absorbency, and durability. Transform your bathroom into a sanctuary of comfort and indulge in the sensation of wrapping yourself in the finest materials.

Whether you are launching your luxury bathrobe collection or you are extending your existing collection with new designs and functionality, we at Hula Global as your supplier ensure that you get the best support for your luxury bathrobe collection. Contact us for more details here