Straight Fit Jeans

All time popular and stylish, straight fit jeans are jeans with a shape running straight down to the bottom. These jeans have a great countdown amongst the men’s jean collection. They have a steady leg width and provide a comfy feel in the thigh. The fitting and broadness at the thigh, knee and ankle remain the same. Straight fit jeans offer a comfortable and trendy fit.

Slim Fit Jeans

The top seller of the fashion industry slim fit pants have a snug fit through the legs and end in a narrow leg opening. They are overall not skin hugging and not super loose but provide a slim silhouette, which makes you look slimmer. Slim fit jeans feel super-comfortable if you find the right fit. They are also available in a wide variety of colors.

Jogger Pants

Jogger pants are one of the hottest trends in men’s bottom wear, in the industry. They feature elastic at the feet and designed to fall above the ankle. They are a pair of pants that are usually loose and mostly preferred by those who don’t compromise comfort over style. Their cool and trendy look keeps its buyers a lined with everyday fashion.