Denim Jeans

Let us time travel and head four centuries back, no not to the royalty or to the rich but to the masses. Miners, factory workers, mechanics working in their harsh and rugged environment, how much would the mechanics’ wives would had to scrub that grease and oh the miners’ wives plight so it would be safe to say that these women prayed for a way out of their drudgery and maybe if not the almighty but Loeb Strauss did answer to their prayers and introduced denim wear under his label “Levi Strauss” in 1870’s.

The cultural punk only added fuel to the ignited fire and jeans and denim which were not only just functional, durable and practical had become a huge trend. Young punks used ripped jeans as a token of rebellion. Popular figures such as The Sex Pistols, Iggy Pop and Bros, Madonna and others were trendsetters to popularise ripped jeans for women. A trend which eventually became a classic and for all the Wang’s and Versace’s nobody can try to wipe out this shrewd German Businessman’s legacy of denim from the world. The look for urban women sass will always be a sucker for ripped jeans, they have stayed in the trend for too long and despite such a long period and other options we do not see any denim brand to run out of the ripped jeans for women.

Now shifting our attention back to the Indian continent in 2018, there are some things we would like to share about the manufacturers’ of denim jeans in India. Some of the big guns in the business are KG Denim Ltd, Bhaskar Denim Industries Ltd., Philios India Pvt. Ltd. Jeans Manufacturer and more. Circling down our attention further to the capital, Xcess Jeans, Dziny Jeans, Denim Vistara Global, FS Clothing Company, etc. Whilst these big guns take the maximum shot at trade the massive production of jeans happens in Bangalore, to elaborate further the quantity of orders they get is huge owing to the land in and around Bangalore that can be used and the availability of natural as well as artificial resources there which also helps them deliver good quality as well.

Second after Bangalore comes Mumbai and it does not come of as any shock either because of the influx of population and whence the demand of one clothing that almost is a basic need now, jeans.

It is no surprise that Delhi is a giant when it concerns to Fashion and clothing, the capacity to take and give both where it concerns anything has always surpassed all the expectations, some wholesale markets such as Mangolpuri, Katran Market, Arjun Marg, Sarojini Nagar and Lajpat Nagar make the entire nation rave about their goods and denim jeans have a huge seat in their trade as well. But if one looks for exclusivity in denim in Delhi then we have The Collective, Aditya Birla Fashion & Retail Ltd. to obsess over for introducing all luxurious brands in denim business under one roof at The Chanakya, New Delhi but if you are in search of some medium quality jeans then Ahmedabad sure is your place to visit for it caters to the needs of non premium brands only.

For all we have to say and acknowledge, Loeb Strauss our century owes you one!